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Putting the Man in your Manifestos: 12 manifesto challenges  for the 2015 General Election 

Glen Poole of equality4men has produced a report for International Men’s Day UK to help politicians consider how they can develop policies for their 2015 manifestos that can help to tackle the many inequalities that men and boys in the UK face.

The report doesn’t represent the view of everyone involved in supporting International Men’s Day, but it does reflect many of the shared concerns of people working in the men and boys’ sector in the UK.

The aim of the report will inspire new thinking and encourage politicians of different shades to consider how best their party can take action to respond to the 12 manifesto challenges outlined below. To read more about each challenge click on the links below:

If you’re in the UK and what of find out how you  involved in the manifesto challenge then see our post “Lobby your MP to put the MAN in their manifesto“.


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