The Global Campaign for Men and Boys

Challenge 1: How will you improve men and boys’ health?

Men in the UK die four years sooner than women on average. This unequal life expectancy gap varies enormously from region to region and there are many towns, cities and … Continue reading

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Get your copy of the Equality For Men eBook today…..

Yes it’s here at last, the new eBook from Glen Poole called Equality For Men. This great book is designed to pack a punch by capturing the key equality issues … Continue reading

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10 reasons women don’t want equality with men….

Why do campaigns about gender equality focus on the areas where women do worse than men? What if British women had gender equality in these areas…. The life expectancy for … Continue reading

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12 issues that a Minister for Men could address….

What issues should a Minister for Men have in his (or her) portfolio? The Rights of Man blog, which has been highlighting issues of  discrimination against men since 2006, has … Continue reading

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You’ll be surprised at some of the top 10 killers of men in Europe….

Whose lives do we value more? Men’s or women’s? Well whatever your answer the undeniable fact is that across Europe men are more likely than women to die from all of … Continue reading

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Equality 4 Men will be launching a series of campaigns in 2013 and 2014 to raise awareness of some of the key issues facing men and boys in the UK. … Continue reading

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The 4 reasons men are 70% more likely to die of skin cancer….

Men who get skin cancer are 70% more likely to die than women according to new figures from Cancer Research UK. This means that if our country was as good … Continue reading

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