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My Pro-Feminist Friend Praises Equality For Men book….


My pro-feminist friend and men’s health advocate Peter Baker has kindly reviewed the book  Equality For Men. There are some bits he likes and some bits he doesn’t like. As you would expect I agree with him on the bits he likes and disagree with him on the bits he dislikes. So I thought I’d dedicate two posts to Peter’s review, you guessed it, one highlighting where we agree and the other addressing our differences.

You can follow this link—my pro-feminist friend is wrong about Equality For Men —to see where Peter and I disagree. In this post I provide an  abbridged version of Peter’s review of Equality For Men, edited to highlight the bits we agree on. Peter says:

This is well worth a look: a new eBook, Equality for Men, by Glen Poole, Director of the consultancy Helping Men and organiser of the equality4men social media campaign. It is an accessible and well-argued attempt to map out a new approach to gender equality that is supported by a mass of data that shows just how bad things are for men and boys in many areas of their lives, including health, fatherhood, education, work and crime.

Equality for Men starts from the premise that both men and women are affected by inequality and that this must be tackled for both sexes if genuine gender equality is to be achieved. Glen proceeds to spell out, in great and well-referenced detail, the areas in which men experience discrimination…there can be no doubt that men do worse than women in many areas – such as health and education….[and] that men are more likely than women to be victims of violence.

The book correctly cites the inter-relationship of sex and social class to show that low-income men generally do worst of all but I missed any discussion of the impact of race, sexuality, age and disability. Gay men, for example, have generally worse health outcomes than straight men, and not just in the area of sexual health. Research suggests, for example, that gay men are twice as likely to develop cancer, largely because of higher rates of smoking and alcohol consumption.

Equality For Men… overlooks men’s strengths. Many men every day act well for the benefit of their families, their communities and society as a whole. This positive contribution should be acknowledged and celebrated. But I liked the way Equality For Men discusses the ways men are seen as disposable – as a society, we care much less about men who die in accidents or war than women, for example. We also show far too little concern about the genital mutilation of boys (circumcision).

Glen is right to point out that women can also do bad things, including perpetrating domestic violence…and mistreating children and excluding men from more active parenting. Women also play a key role in the maintenance of traditional gender roles, including those that constrain men’s lives. Those of us who sign up to a feminist analysis have perhaps been too silent about women behaving badly.

Glen is, I think, making a pitch for an agenda for men which he hopes all men can sign up to, whether they are anti-feminist, pro-feminist or anything else. This is a laudable and understandable aim given that the still too small number of advocates for men remain as ideologically divided as the various miniscule Judean liberation movements so brilliantly satirised by Monty Python…..we must certainly tackle the issues where men do badly.


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