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UK government helps male rape victims towards equality


There was some good news for campaigners for men’s equality last month with the announcement that the UK Government has set aside £500,000 to help the one in eight victims of rape in the UK who are male.

Male victims of rape get unequal access to help and support compared with female victims being half as likely to report the crime . Support services that specialize in helping male victims receive a disproportionately low levels of funding from central government and other sources.

The Government has spent £12 million pound helping female victims of rape since 2010 and has previously banned specialist services that only help men from applying for funding. In total the coalition Government allocated £40m for specialist local domestic and sexual violence support services, rape crisis centres, the national domestic violence helplines and stalking helpline up until 2015.

Of that £40m it previously allocated  just £225,000 to help male victims of domestic violence and sexual violence and angered many specialist men’s services in the process by awarding most of that money to women’s charities. The Government should be congratulated for awarding a further half a million of its £40 million pot to male victims but the fact remains that much more needs to be done to ensure all victims of violence get the help and support they need.

As Duncan Craig of Survivors Manchester, one of the country’s leading advocates for male victims said:

“There are so many men who have been affected by sexual abuse. But the language is always about women and girls, so they feel completely ignored. They feel like they can’t speak out.”

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