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Male suicide gap widens, more inequality for men….

One of the biggest inequalities experienced by men and boys in the UK is the high rate of male suicide with 12 men a day taking their lives of average.

The male suicide gap is on the increase according to new suicide statistics  for 2012 with men now nearly 3.5 times more likely to die by suicide than women causing what Ally Fogg in The Guardian described as the greatest gender gulf since records began.

The number of women killing themselves has nearly halve since 1981, but in the same period the number of male victims of suicide rose by more than 10% . According to charities working in suicide prevention and mental health the Government should be doing more to stop male suicide.

The CEO of Mind UK, Paul Farmer has previously highlighted the lack of strategic approach to helping men saying: “It is a major health inequality that a mental health strategy exists for women but not men. There is an urgent need for the Government to address this.”

Jane Powell, the CEO of CALM, the UK’s only national male suicide prevention charity says the Government’s failure to take action is linked to our inability recognize that men need help and support and has previously said:

“We don’t really see men as needing help in anyway or as being vulnerable….We equate manhood as being invulnerable so we can’t allocate resources in that area because they’re men.”

Ally Fogg at The Guardian said:

“Our failure to even dent the rate of male suicides over 30 years is a national scandal and a national tragedy. It is a failure that has cost tens of thousands of lives, stolen from us too many friends, fathers, sons, and brothers. To what extent we might have been able to reduce the rates with a concerted effort we cannot know because, shamefully, we have never really tried.”

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