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EQUALITY4MEN visits Northern Ireland this week….


The equality4men campaign is visiting Northern Ireland this week to attend two events about men, boys and fathers in Northern Ireland.

We are looking forward to meeting some like-minded  people who  are committed to improving the lives of men and boys in Northern Ireland.

We know that the Northern Ireland executive has made promoting gender equality one of its key priorities and we’re interested to find out what this this mean for men and boys?

As with the rest of the UK there are many areas of life where men and boys in Northern Ireland experience gender inequality when compared to women and girls in areas like health, suicide, fatherhood, education, criminal justice, unemployment, homelessness etc.

Our initial research has resulted in a list of 12 inequalities that men and boy in Northern Ireland face and we’re interested to ask people the following questions:

  • Why has the male suicide rate double since 1995?
  • Why do men die 4.5 years sooner than women?
  • Why are boys trailing girls at every stage of education?
  • Why are men more likely to end up unemployed, homeless or in prison
  • With one in four children growing up in lone parent households, what more can we do to keep dads involved in their kids lives?
  • Why has reported domestic violence against men risen by 41% since 2004/5

We’re delighted to be taking part in a discussion about “improving services for men and boys in Northern Ireland” to consider what more can be done to help more men and boys in Northern Ireland get the help and support they need to overcome these inequalities.

This event is hosted Men’s Aid in Northern Ireland and takes place on Wednesday 22nd January from 7pm  at Westbourne Community Presbyterian Church, Lower Newtownards Road, Belfast,  County Antrim, BT4 1AB

Speakers will include Glen Poole, author of the book Equality for Men and Stuart Graham, of FCF (the Foundation of Children and Families).


Mobile: 07703858130
E-mail: peter.morris@mensaidni.co.uk
Website: www.mensaid.co.uk

The following day (Thursday 23rd January 2013) we’ll be heading to Stormont where the Man Matters project  is holding a seminar to launch a briefing paper entitled Fathers, Separation and Co-Parenting.

You can read more about this event at the Man Matters website.

If you want to find out about our  Equality For Men book then why not download the first chapter of the book book now by clicking on this link.

If you want to buy Equality For Men by Glen Poole today then if you’re in the UK you can buy the book for £12.50 (including postage and packaging) via the button below:


And if if you’re outside the UK and you want to buy the book the cost is £15 (including postage and packaging) via the button below:


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2 comments on “EQUALITY4MEN visits Northern Ireland this week….

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  2. nrjnigel
    January 21, 2014

    Really pleased about this visit. Some really interesting stuff on the island. Including the Men’s health strategy in the republic, AMEN, all Ireland MHF some different takes than other nations in these islands. Hope it goes well.

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