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All men are rapists (dumb reasons we don’t need International Men’s Day #3)…


Reason Three: We don’t need an International Men’s Day because all men are rapists

Another version of the myth “all men have power” is the idea that “all men cause all problems” because we live in a world where men ARE problems and women HAVE problems.

And so for some people, there should only be an International Men’s Day if it focuses on the problems that men cause women. As the journalist Susie Boniface, who hides behind the pen name “Fleet Street Fox” said in The Mirror:

“If it grows and is a success then maybe in the future International Men’s Day will be the one day a year when males campaign against sex trafficking, slut-shaming, domestic abuse and religious persecution. We should throw ourselves behind a day that might prompt men into speaking out about rape, and perhaps taking a day off from it.”

That’s right folks, all men are rapists and so International Men’s Day is the one day when we should give women a break and stop the raping for 24 hours.

What this ignores is the fact that men and women are both perpetrators and survivors of sexual violence and that as Sarah Beaulieu of the Enliven Project says: “in a room of 100 men, you are more likely to run into a male victim than you are a male perpetrator.”

In the same week as International Men’s Day, the Mirror news stories about a female serial killer who stabbed three men to death and attempted to murder two women; a mother who had serial affairs and then plotted to kill her partner; a “vile mother” (their words) who neglected her son for seven years and exposed him to sex abuse and hardcore porn; a mum who violently bashed her five-week-old baby to death.

I wonder if the Mirror will publish a column on International Women’s Day asking women i they’ll take a break from killing men; abusing their sons; having affairs; killing their babies and plotting to murders their partners for just one day?

Of course not—there would be outrage if they did—and rightly so.

For balance, The Mirror got one of its male writers to a pen a jokey column about “The Alpha Men: Five Fellas You Should Aspire To Be“. As a pointed out in my article or Telegraph Men: “both women and men are more comfortable aligning themselves with campaigns to help the “sisterhood”, whereas nobody wants to be seen taking the “brotherhood” too seriously.”


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5 comments on “All men are rapists (dumb reasons we don’t need International Men’s Day #3)…

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  5. Pierre Savoie
    November 29, 2013

    That’s right. And only women leave their newborn babies in dumpsters if they don’t feel like raising them, or if economically oppressed by the “Patriarchy” in the sense of not getting a man to support two extra lives.

    International Women’s Day should have a lot of breast-beating for that. In fact, the feminists should be pounding their breasts flat for that one.

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