The Global Campaign for Men and Boys

Challenge 1: How will you improve men and boys’ health?

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Men in the UK die four years sooner than women on average. This unequal life expectancy gap varies enormously from region to region and there are many towns, cities and boroughs in the UK where women living in the wealthiest wards can expect to more than 10 years longer than men in the most deprived wards.

Why are our systems of healthcare and public health less effective at helping men live long and healthy lives? One explanation is that we put less time, money and energy into men’s health.

In 1999 the Men’s Health Forum revealed that as a country we were spending eight times more money on women’s health than men’s health. More recent research has found that there are four times more services specifically targeted at helping women than helping men.

Our approach to cancer prevention, for example, reveals that we put more time money and energy into:

  • Protecting women from the cancer causing HPV virus by vaccinating all teenage girls (but not vaccinating boys)
  • Trying to detect female cancers by offering all women free screening for cervical cancer and breast cancer and screening more women than men for bowel cancer
  • By spending three times more money on research into female cancers than male cancers.

Men’s poorer health is not an insoluble problem. Men’s health experts in the UK and abroad have repeatedly shown that we can help more men make better use of health–related services and initiatives when we more put time, money and energy into making these services more male-friendly.

We invite all political parties to consider what action they will commit to taking to improve men and boys’ health and life expectancy.


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