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Local launch for “global bestseller” on International Men’s Day


The equality4men campaign  is marking International Men’s Day (Tuesday 19th November) by officially launching our new book “Equality For Men” by Glen Poole.

Glen , who will be launching the book in Brighton where he lives, say  that “Equality For Men”offers a whistle-stop tour of men’s issues and covers topics like men’s health, male suicide, fathers’ rights, boys’ education and violence against men and boys.

The book has already received positive reviews from some leading experts on gender, including the psychologist and former Government adviser, Dr Martin Seager, who has described the book as: “a truly excellent, accessible and compelling read that should reach many people and change attitudes towards gender.”

Glen, who has recently returned from a short speaking tour of Australia, says he has chosen International Men’s Day to launch the book because he wants it to become a bestseller that makes a global impact.

Glen says: “There is a lot of work being done worldwide to promote greater equality and it tends to focus on everyone but men and boys. The Equality For Men book promotes the revolutionary notion that gender equality shouldn’t be about women OR men, or women AGAINST men, but about women AND men.”

According to Glen some of the key inequalities that men and boys face worldwide included the fact that:

  • Men and boys in 99% of countries in the world die younger than women and girls
  • Men and boys in 99% of countries are more likely to kill themselves than women and girls
  • Men and boys account for 4 out of 5 violent deaths in the world every year
  • Girls in nearly 100 of the world’s leading economies are more likely to get a better education and go to university than boys
  • Fathers all over the globe are less involved in raising their children than mothers for all sorts of personal, cultural and political reasons

Glen will be delivering a talk about Equality For Men at the Brighthelm Centre at 7pm on Tuesday 19th November and signing copies of the book which has be illustrated by Hove-based artist Jacqui Clark.

Tickets to the talk are £5 in advance online here or £8 on the door. For information on how to buy Equality For Men in paperback (limited edition) and eBook see this link: www.equality4men.com/book

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