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Which men’s movement should you join….?


At equality4men we’re committed to encouraging more men (and women) to join the men’s movement. But how do you choose which men’s movement to join?

Well the first thing to do if you want to become part of the men’s movement is find out about the different types of movement to see if one suits you personally. To get your started, here’s a quick overview of 8 different men’s movements…….

1.    The Men’s Liberation Movement

The men’s liberation movement emerged in the 1960s an 1970s and focused on liberating men from rigid gender roles of the past—some claim that the men’s liberation movement no longer exists while others claim it as the left-wing of the men’s movement.

2.    The Men’s Human Rights Movement

The men’s human rights movement (MHRM) or Men’s Rights Movement (MRM) is generally anti-feminist and concerned with addressing areas where women have greater rights and protections in law than men.  A significant UK group is the right wing political party Justice For Men and Boys.

3.     Fathers’ Rights Movement

The Fathers’ Rights Movement is focused on supporting separated fathers and campaigning for changes in the laws governing divorce and child custody. Significant organisations in the UK include the charity Families Need Fathers and the campaign group Fathers 4 Justice.

4.    Mythopoetic Men’s Movement

The mythopoectic men’s movement emerged in the 1990s with the success of Iron John by Robert Bly. One of the key groups operating worldwide is MKP (The Mankind Project) which has a UK operation.

5.    Men’s Social Justice Movement

The men’s social justice movement describes organisations taking practical action to address some of the problems men and boys face with their health, education, family life, personal safety, social care needs. A good example of this movement in action is CALM, a charity working to prevent male suicide.

6.    Christian Men’s Movement

There are a number of movements focused on bringing men together in the name or religion. The largest group in the UK is CVM (Christian Vision For Men) which has branches across the country and overseas.

7.   The Men Go Their Own Way Movement

The men go their own way movement encourages and support men to “go their own way” and live their lives free from any problems associated with being in a long-term relationship with a women. You can read more about men going their own way at A Voice For Men UK.

8.   The Pro-feminist Men’s Movement

The pro-feminist men’s movement tends to put women’s issues first though some parts of the movement focus on issues like helping more fathers take on  a caring role and improving men’s health behaviours. An example of a pro-feminist men’s group is the White Ribbon campaign.

So, did you see something you liked? Well remember, this isn’t a definitive list and if you’re committed to making a difference for men and boys then we encourage you to keep browsing until you find a men’s movement that is your perfect fit.

And in case you were wondering where equality4men sits, well we’re a kind of an integrated, non-feminist, non-Christian, social justice, men’s rights and liberation, gender equity campaign—catchy right?!

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