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10 ways you can fight for equality for men and boys….


Do you really want to make a difference for men and boys but not quite know where to start? If so here’s a list of ten actions you could take so you can choose the one that works for you….

1. Fight for equal rights for men and boys

How long will it be before men are given equal parenting rights or boys given equal protection against unnecessary genital surgery? The laws we have in place that allow men and boys to be treated unequally are unlikely to change until enough men take action and demand change.

2. Highlight unequal outcomes and fight for equal opportunities

Wherever men and boys have unequal outcomes we need to highlight this inequality and call for action to improve men and boys’ opportunities to live long, happy, healthy, wealthy, safe, successful lives

3. Know your facts about men’s inequality and have an argument

One of the reasons the inequality that men and boys face isn’t taken seriously is simply that many of the key facts are not at the forefront of our collective mind. You can make a big difference by learning and sharing the facts about men and equality in conversation with as many different people as possible.

4. Challenge sexism against men and boys

Sexism against men and boys takes many forms from the narrow media representations of men as villains and buffoons to the many different ways that people try to police manhood and dictate to us how “real men” should or shouldn’t behave. We need more people like you to stand up and challenge sexism against men in all its forms

5. Raise money for a men’s charity

One of the ways you can help make a difference for men and boys is to find a charity that inspires you and help them with fundraising. Our favourites are charities that work directly with men and boys such as CALM, the UK’s only national charity focussed on tackling male suicide and The ManKind Initiative, a helpline for male victims domestic violence.

6. Volunteer on a men’s project

You could become a mentor; work on a helpline; support separated dads; become a counsellor or maybe lend a hand behind the scenes. It can be difficult to find local men’s projects to volunteer with so be persistent and keep on looking until you find one that’s the perfect match for you

7. Make a noise about men’s issues

You can start today by sending letters to the local and national media; getting involved with radio phone-ins and lobbying your councillors, MPs and MEPs to take more action for men and boys

8. Be a man who challenges gender norms

Finding ways to explore and expand your personal limits, particularly those linked to being a man, is a great way to challenge the collective norms that mould us as men. If you don’t know where to start, try expanding your horizons by reading self-help books or finding (or forming) a local men’s group.

9. Be a male role model

What kind of men do you want to be surrounded by? Whatever your answer it starts with you. You can help create the world you want to live in by leading through example. As Ghandi famously said: “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

10. Join the men’s movement

A new type of men’s movement is starting to emerge, a movement that is joining the dots between the many different men’s movements and creating a global network of committed groups and individuals who are concerned for the wellbeing of all men and boys. Find our more about the different types of  men’s  movements here.

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