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Male graduates 50% more likely to be unemployed….

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Male graduates in the UK are still 50% more likely to be unemployed than women when they leave university.

A survey of more than 400,000 graduates by the Higher Education Statistics Agency showed that nine per cent of males graduates were unemployed six months after leaving university compared with just six per cent of women.

Similar research in 2009 found that 17.2% of young male graduates were failing to find jobs compared to 11.2% of women—so while graduate employment rates have improved, men who graduate remain more vulnerable to unemployment than their female counterparts.

Women are now a third more likely to go to university  than man and the gap continues to widen. In 2012 university applications from men fell by 22,000 and the university entry rate for men fell four times faster than the entry rate for women.

The Universities Minister, David Willetts, has described this as “the culmination of a decades-old trend in our education system which seems to make it harder for boys and men to face down the obstacles in the way of learning.”

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