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A personal request to help us with our work for men and boys….

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Dear Friends

I’d like to ask if you can give me a little help with something? It will take about 5 minutes to read this now if you can make the time….

I’ve taken a big new step in my work to make a difference for men and boys and wanted to ask if you can support this in some small (or large) way…?

I’m really committed to getting more men interested in the issues that men and boys face and so I’ve created this online campaign called #equality4men and written a really simple and smart book about men’s issues that I want as many men and boys as possible to read….

So how can you help me to do this….?

Well I am open to your suggestions AND I’ve come up with 5 easy ways you can help out if you want to do this, which I’ve listed below…..

ONE: BUY THE BOOK— it’s called Equality For Men and you can download it as an eBook today for £10, it’s really simple—-click on this link now for details

TWO: SPREAD THE WORD—are there people you know who’d be interested that you can send this email to? Could you share this post on facebook or twitter etc? 

THREE: SUPPORT THE BOOK LAUNCH—if you can be in the Brighton & Hove  area (of England) on International Men’s Day (Tuesday 19th November) then would you come along to the book launch and/or invite others to attend—see this link now for details!

FOUR: REVIEW THE BOOK—-do you blog or write for a publication? Do you have a following who’d be interested in reading about a book on men’s issues? If so and you’re serious about writing a review then let me know and I’ll send you a copy to review.

FIVE: BE AN ANGEL—would you like to help launch a global publishing empire? We’re planning to set up a virtual publishing house that can distribute our books worldwide and we’re looking for Angel Investors (starting at a little more than £10). If this takes your fancy, then find out what you’ll get in return for your investment at this link here

Thanks for taking time to consider all these options to see if you can help out and support this new venture in some way. I look forward to hearing back from you if you want to help me with my work to make a difference for men and boys.

Thanks for now

Best Regards

Glen Poole



2 comments on “A personal request to help us with our work for men and boys….

  1. garryclarkson
    November 6, 2013

    Glen, If the book had an ISBN (not sure it does) then I would be able to order it for my university and others. Something worth considering in the future. Greatw ork and well done. Love and respect. G

    • equality4menuk
      November 6, 2013

      Hi Gary the ISBN is coming, it’s part of the process of setting up as an official publisher that we are seeking crowdfunding for right now—thanks for your offer of support to promote in universities, will let you know when we have the ISBN registered

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