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120 reasons we need Equality For Men (91-100)….

How are men unequal? What are A90the areas of life where men and boys aren’t doing as well as women and girls on average?

To mark International Men’s Day (19th November) we are highlighting 120 Reasons We Need Equality For Men” throughout the month of November.

You can find more details of all of these issues in our eBook Equality For Men that you buy today via the link at the bottom of this post.

120 Reasons We Need Equality For Men (91-100)….

91. 68% of victims of racist hate crimes are men


92. We spend three times more money on researching female cancers than male cancers

93. Children with involved dads are less likely to become homeless

94. One in four primary schools have no male teachers

95. Eight out of 10 dads want to be more involved in their children’s education

96. 20% to 30% of male prisoners have learning difficulties

97. We vaccinate all girls cancer, but don’t vaccinate boys

98. Boys are more than twice as likely to be victims of violent crime as girls

99. 20,000 people die of work-related causes each year and most of them are men

100. Fewer than 1% of refuge spaces for domestic violence victims are allocated to men

References for all the above statistics—and much more besides—can be found in our eBook Equality For Men by Glen Poole which you can download now for £10 via the following link:

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