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120 reasons we need Equality For Men (71-80)….


How are men unequal? What are the areas of life where men and boys aren’t doing as well as women and girls on average?

To mark International Men’s Day (19th November) we are highlighting 120 Reasons We Need Equality For Men” throughout the month of November.

You can find more details of all of these issues in our eBook Equality For Men that you buy today via the link at the bottom of this post.

120 Reasons We Need Equality For Men (71-80)….

71. Children are more likely to say it’s OK for women to hit their partners

72. Poor men die over 10 years sooner than rich women in many areas of UK

73. Boys separated from their fathers are more than twice as likely to commit suicide

74. 3 young men are murdered every week in England & Wales

75. 30 countries still permit courts to order corporal punishment, the majority of victims are men

76. 96% of victims of racially motivated murder are men and boys

77. Men are twice as likely to die from Coronary Heart Disease

78. Men have unequal access to benefits paid to parents

79. 96% of people who die at work every year are men

80. 90% of rough sleepers are men

References for all the above statistics—and much more besides—can be found in our eBook Equality For Men by Glen Poole which you can download now for £10 via the following link:

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