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Time to teach sexist government minister a lesson about violence against men and boys….

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A government minister has made the shockingly inaccurate claim that women and girls are the main victims of violence in the UK—a claim which reveals how our collective tolerance of violence against men and boys is embedded in our culture from top to bottom.

The truth of the matter is that the overwhelming majority of violence victims are men and boys —and yet speaking in parliament, the Home Office Minister, Norman Baker MP, insisted that violence “is predominantly against women and girls”.

The startling statement came in an exchange with the backbench MP Philip Davies who asked Mr Baker:

“Is it the Government’s view that taking steps to increase awareness of and prevent violence against women and girls is more important than increasing awareness of and preventing violence against men and boys….?”

Mr Baker replied on behalf of the Government by making the false claim that women are the main victims of violence in the UK saying:

“I certainly agree that it is important to act on violence against any individual. Of course, it is predominantly against women and girls….and they must come first in our consideration.”

So is Mr Baker being deliberately sexist against men and boys by using his office to mislead the public about the fact that men and boys are the main victims of violence in the UK and worldwide—or is he just ignorant of the fact that many more men and boys suffer the impacts of violence than women and girls?

Well we’ve decided to give Mr Baker the benefit of the doubt and assume this is a case of simple ignorance on his part, a problem you can help him overcome by emailing him now at: normanbaker1997@gmail.com

If you don’t know what to say to Mr Baker then we recommend you simply send him this list of 10 basic facts about violence against men and boys:

  1. The vast majority of victims of violence are men and boys accounting for 82% of all violent deaths worldwide
  2. Men and boys are the main victims of men’s violence AND women’s violence
  3. Male victims of violence are less likely to get help and support
  4. Male and female victims of women’s violence are also less likely to get help and support
  5. Female perpetrators are less likely to be held to account for their action and are treated less harshly in the criminal justice system than male perpetrators
  6. Young men are particularly vulnerable being four times more likely to be a victim of violence than any other group in society (NB: 3 young men are murdered every week)
  7. Men are twice as likely to be victims of hate crime and are the victims in 96% of racially motivated murders
  8. Girls are protected against female circumcision while we allow adults to cut boys’ penises without anaesthetic in a medically unnecessary ritual that can and does cause damage and death
  9. Men and boys account for 7 out of 10 murder victims
  10. Research shows that men and women are collectively more tolerant of violence against men and boys.

And if you want find out a little more about this topic see our post 10 reasons we need a campaign to end violence against men and

As well as emailing Norman Baker MP at normanbaker1997@gmail.com to help us educate him about violence against men and boys, you may also want to end a message to Phil Davies MP, who posed the question, at daviesp@parliament.uk.

In terms of political allegiance, equality4men is an apolitical campaign an we will challenge any politician or political party who appears to oppose equality for men and boys and offer support and encouragement where politicians appear to be acting to promote equality for men and boys.

References for all the above statistics—and much more besides—can be found in our eBook Equality For Men by Glen Poole which you can download now for £10 via the following link:

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To find out about our emerging plans to campaign on violence against men and boys see: #EndViolenceAgainstMen&Boys

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2 comments on “Time to teach sexist government minister a lesson about violence against men and boys….

  1. CitymanMichael
    November 3, 2013

    Norman Baker’s email address states that if you are not a constituent you have to email – public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.uk

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