The Global Campaign for Men and Boys

BOOK: The Making of Men by Dr Arne Rubinstein….


One of the authors and speakers we met on our recent visit to Australia was Dr Arne Rubinstein who kindly gave us a copy of his excellent book The Making of Men.

The Making of Men is a practical, authoritative and insightful book that provides much-needed answers to the questions of how to bring out the best in our young men.

Teenage boys are naturally fun, passionate, kind, creative, communicative and caring, according to Dr Arne Rubinstein. However way too many young men are in crisis than ever before and they are the most medicated generation ever.

Dr Rubinstein says: “More than ever we need to be recognising the gifts and talents of our boys. It’s the greatest gift we can give them. Our society needs young men who are passionate about what they do and the future. By building strong family relationships and creating appropriate ways of acknowledging that our boys are becoming young men who need our support we can make a huge difference.”

The book comes with a foreword by Steve Biddulph, author of Manhood and Raising Boys, who says that The Making of Men is “funny, encouraging, gritty and real”.

The book is available in the UK now as an eBook from Amazon via the following link:



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