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10 reasons we need Equality For Boys….


The equality4men campaign isn’t just about men, it’s about boys too. Not only because boys grow up to experience the inequalities men face, but because boys as a distinct group also face numerous inequalities before they reach adulthood. The following list of 10 reasons we need equality for boys is drawn from our eBook Equality For Men which you can buy today via the link at the bottom of this post.

1. Life expectancy

Boys of all backgrounds have a shorter life expectancy than girls and are 25% more likely to die before their 5th birthday on average. We spend less time, money and energy on boys’ health. For example, we protect girls from the cancer-causing  HPV virus through vaccination, but don’t vaccinate boys.

2. Social Exclusion

Boys are more likely than girls to be taken into care and less likely to be adopted. Once in care they are at greater risk of social exclusion in adult life. For example, a third of prisoners were in care as were 80% of young offenders convicted of violent offences in Scotland.

3. Education

Girls in nearly 100 countries now get a better education than boys. In the UK, boys trail girls in 11 of the 13 key educational measures at age five. Girls also get 57% more A* results at GCSE and A Level and are 50% more likely to go to university.

4. Literacy

Boys are more than twice as likely to have very poor literary skills and nearly twice as likely to leave primary school unable to read and write at the expected standard. 82% of adult male prisoners are at or below the writing level of an 11 year old.

5. Special Educational Needs

Around one million boys in England and Wales have a special educational need with boys at secondary school being 3 times more likely to have the most severe special educational need.

6. School Exclusions

Boys are three to four times more likely to be excluded from school on average, with certain characteristics increasing the risk significantly. For example, poor black boys with special educational needs are 168 times more likely to be excluded from school than rich white girls.

7. Lack Of Male Role Models

Boys don’t have equal access to adult male role models of the same sex. Boys generally spend less time with adult men than girls spend with adult women with around one in four boys growing up separated from their fathers and only one in eight primary school teachers being male.

8. Circumcision

While we have specific laws to prevent female circumcision in the UK, we allow boys to be subjected to painful, dangerous and medically unnecessary circumcision without anaesthetic or consent and baby boys can and do bleed to death as a result.

9. Crime

Boys in England and Wales are more than twice as likely to be victims of violent crime as girls.

10. State Sanctioned Violence

89 countries still permit teachers to physically punish children and the main victims are boys. There are also 80 countries that conscript citizens (mostly male) into the armed forces with the majority of the world’s 250,000 child soldiers being boys.

References for all the above statistics—and much besides—can be found in our eBook Equality For Men by Glen Poole which you can download now for £10 via the following link:

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If you want to help us address the problems boys face then why not join our #equality4boys campaign here today?

Photo Credit: Flickr/LindseyG

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