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What would a left-wing Minister For Men stand for….?


The UK’s most prominent left-wing men’s advocate, Ally Fogg, has published a personal manifesto for men and boys.  Fogg, who has fought long and hard to get men’s issues taken seriously in The Guardian newspaper has published his own “personal manifesto for men and boys“.

The move was prompted after criticisms that he had been knocking the manifesto of Mike Buchanan’s right wing Justice For Men and Boys party, without offering his own suggestions on how to address some of the key social issues facing men and boys. As is often the case when people go beyond complaining and think about campaigning  it turns out that Fogg on the left and Buchanan on the right agree in terms of what some of the key men’s issues are, but  probably disagree on what causes  most of these problems and how best to solve them.

This is a refreshing sign, when you think that a couple of years ago if you talked about “men’s issues” most people would ask “what are men’s issues?”. There is now a coherent and widely agreed set of key men’s issues that get highlighted as a  coherent group of concerns more frequently than ever before in public debate. According to Fogg, the top 10 men’s issues that  need a political solution are:

  • Fatherhood
  • Boys’ education
  • Young male unemployment
  • Male suicide (and other mental health issues)
  • Mens’ health
  • Violence prevention
  • Victim support
  •  Helping care leavers
  • Prison reform
  • Regulating male circumcision

To find out more detail about Fogg’s proposed solutions to these issues—and to get involved in the ongoing debate below the line—go and see Ally Fogg’s personal manifesto for men and boys.

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Photo Credit: Flickr/Gigi Ibrahim

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