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10 reasons women don’t want equality with men….

equality for men

Why do campaigns about gender equality focus on the areas where women do worse than men? What if British women had gender equality in these areas….

  1. The life expectancy for boys in the UK at birth is 78.20 years and for girls 82.27, if women had equality in this area they would die four years sooner.
  2. Boys are around three times more likely to be excluded from school and nearly twice as likely to leave primary school unable to read and write at the expected level—if women had equality in this area, their peformance in education would drop dramatically overnight.
  3. We put more time, money and energy into fighting female cancer. Imagine if we screened all men for prostate and testicular cancer, but didn’t screen women for breast and cervical cancer. Or what if we gave teenage boys a cancer vaccination but not teenage girls? Or how about if we put more money into researching male cancer than female cancer?
  4. On average, 12 men every day kill themselves in the UK. If women had equality in this area three times more women would die by suicide every year.
  5. Men account for around 90% of rough sleepers in the UK. If women had equality in housing support there’d be nine times more women sleeping on the streets.
  6. Men account for 99% of British soldiers who died fighting in Afghanistan, if women had equality in frontline service, hundreds of women would be dying serving their country.
  7. More than 95% of people who die at work each year are men. If women had equality in his area, three women would be dying at work every week.
  8. All mums have automatic parental rights in relation to their children, but dads don’t. Imagine if the roles were reserved and dads had automatic rights but mums didn’t.
  9. 92% of separated parents with custody of their children are women, if women had equality in this area, hundreds of thousands of mums in the UK wouldn’t see their kids or would be reduced to occasional visits.
  10. Around seven out of ten murder victims in the UK are men, if women had equality in this area, six to seven times more women would be murdered by strangers every year.

Of course gender equality isn’t a race to the bottom, we can and should work to improve the lives of women AND men in the UK and we can only create a more gender equal country if we highlight and tackle the areas where men and boys are unequal in addition to highlighting and tackling the areas where women and girls are unequal.

To get the very latest information and thinking on equality for men and boys in the UK you can reserve your copy of the new  equality4men book here today.

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2 comments on “10 reasons women don’t want equality with men….

  1. Nicholas
    October 4, 2013

    So counter-intuitive it’s unreal…but true

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