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Dad denied relationship with his son drives to the Lake District and kills himself….

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A Hertfordshire dad killed himself after being prevented from seeing his son by the mother of his child, an inquest heard.

Colin James Kelly, 40, from Hemel Hempstead, drove to the Lake District and deliberately poisoned himself after telling his family that his ex was stopping him having contact with his son, according to media reports on the suicide.

Giving evidence at South Lakeland Magistrates Court, Mr Kelly’s stepmother, Mary Pope, said: “He never spoke about anything that was troubling him apart from that he was unable to see his son as the boy’s mother would not let him.”

Research suggests that separated men may be twice as likely to commit suicide as other men and 6 times more likely to commit suicide than separated women. At equality4men we believe that male suicide is often preventable, but only when we start to focus on suicide as a men’s issue and recognize that there are many areas where men and boys are unequal and that these inequalities put men in particular at greater risk of suicide. This includes  unequal parental rights and men and boys’ increased  risk of school exclusion, imprisonment and homelessness.

Unlike mothers, fathers do not have an automatic right to stay involved in their children’s lives after separation, which means their ex-partner can become a “maternal gatekeeper” with the power to control whether or not he can have a relationship with his kids.

On average, 12 men kill themselves every single day in the UK and we can and must do more to #StopMaleSuicide.

If you are reading this article and need help now—or know someone who does need help—then we recommended your contact CALM, a charity that is committed to helping to StopMaleSuicide in the UK—-see thecalmzone.net for more info.

If you want to help us to StopMaleSuicide then why not join our campaign by clicking on this link to StopMaleSuicide in the UK today. Male suicide is one of the topics covered in our forthcoming equality4men book, you can find out more about the book and reserve a copy today at our buy the equality4men book page

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