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BOOK: Out Of The Woods (A Guide to Life for Men Beyond 50) by Alan Heeks….

Men Beyond 50

This book aims to be a guide to life for men beyond 50.  It was launched this week in London at an event where Glen Poole of equality4men gave a short talk.

According to Alan Heeks who created the Men Beyond 50 network: “Midlife and beyond can be the most fun a man has ever had, but it’s also a time for fresh skills and a new path. When the roles that define many men dissolve – work, marriage, fatherhood – it’s a time of huge possibility and freedom, but it’s easy to feel lost in the woods without a compass. I am happy to share my story, my research and what’s worked for me and many other men.”

Glen Poole of equality4men says:

“Alan Heeks is a new , refreshing and dare I say ‘youthful’ voice in the ageing conversation. His valuable guide will help men and women make sense of the inevitable shifts and changes that older age brings.  And what makes this book essential reading for those making the transition into life beyond fifty is that it not only guides you through the changes and challenges of the here and now, but also helps the reader to consciously create a new and exciting path for later life.”

Out Of The Woods is available from Amazon now in paper back and kindle from the links below:

Out Of The Woods


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