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BOOK: The New Manhood by Steve Biddulph


Steve Biddulph’s Manhood has “transformed thousands of men’s lives” and has been published in 17 languages and sold in forty countries.  Men are said to have reconciled with their fathers, become closer to their children, improved their marriages and made sweeping changes to their lives as a result of reading the book.

Women also love reading Manhood as it gives them a deeper understanding of their husbands and sons. The updated versions called The New Manhood:The Handbook for a New Kind of Man is described as “a handbook for men of all ages, and for the women who love them”.

Biddulph says:

“The New Manhood is a significant rewrite, made as I approach my seventh decade.  It covers pretty much every aspect of male life – growing up, love, sex, marriage and family, work, friendship, and above all spirit and meaning.   It includes powerful stories, as well as putting into plain language leading voices such as Robert Bly, Richard Rohr, Sam Keen, and many others.”

The book is available now in paperback from Amazon:

The New Manhood: The Handbook for a New Kind of Man

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