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Court rules that if a woman refuses to pay half on a date it’s okay to do this….


A court has found a London man not guilty after a first date with a woman ended up with him being chased by the police.

Kishore Nimmala, from Leyton in East London, met Fakhara Sultana for a date in the Ruby Blue Bar in Leicester Square.

The 32 year old spent £54 on two rounds of drinks and then asked Ms Sultana to pay for a third. Sultana told the IT worker that she didn’t have any money and had assumed he would pay for everything.

She then left the nightclub with Nimmala following her to Charing Cross Station and when she got her mobile phone from her bag he grabbed it and ran off.

He was spotted by police who gave chase, caught up with him and watched him throw the phone away.

In his defence Nimmala said that he never intended to keep the phone, but wanted to teach Sultana a lesson for not paying for her share of the date.

Nimmala was charged with theft and tried at Southwark Crown Court where a jury took less than a hour to find him not guilty.

If you are interested in challenging the limited choices that gendered roles place on men then join our #GiveMenChoices campaign today (coming soon).

—Photo courtesy of Flickr/Don Hankins

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