The Global Campaign for Men and Boys

12 issues that a Minister for Men could address….


What issues should a Minister for Men have in his (or her) portfolio? The Rights of Man blog, which has been highlighting issues of  discrimination against men since 2006, has come up with a list of 12 key priorities which are listed below:

  1. Improve boys’ education
  2. Support male victims of domestic violence
  3. Improve care and funding for men’s cancer support
  4. Enforce court orders giving separated dads access to their kids
  5. Support equal parenting laws
  6. Improve help for unemployed men
  7. Review the rules about child support payments
  8. Give men accused of rape anonymity (unless found guilty)
  9. Improve help for men with depression
  10. Campaign against the stereotyping of men in the media
  11. Ensure men and women are treated equally in the criminal justice system
  12. Ban all-women shortlists for political parties

To see the original list in full visit the Rights of Man blog today.

Whether you agree with all of the issues listed above or not, if you think that men and boys will benefit from better representation in parliament then join our #MinisterForMen campaign today.

—Photo courtesy of Flickr/FutUndBeidl


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