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How drink and drugs are driving British men into crime and prison….


Drug and alcohol addiction is trapping men in poverty and fueling a cycle of deprivation that puts them “at risk of losing children, jobs, health, morale, and liberty” a new report suggests.

One in seven prisoners are in jail for drugs offences with drugs and alcohol playing a role in many more crimes too. According to the No Quick Fix report by the Centre for Social Justice:

  • Up to a half of new prisoners in England and Wales are though to be problem drug users
  • More than a half of offenders link their crime to their drug problem
  • Nearly half of Scottish prisoners were under the influence of drugs when they committed crime
  • 81% of heroin and crack users who are arrested commit acquisitive crime (eg shoplifting, theft etc)
  • A third of heroin and crack users who are arrested admit to committing at least one crime a day

Alcohol dependency and abuse is also linked to a range of offences including domestic abuse, anti-social behaviour, public disorder, sexual assault and motoring offences. According to the accounts of victims of violence, the perpetrator had been drinking in:

  • Two thirds of woundings
  • Half of violent incidents
  • Over a third of domestic abuse incidents

Two out of three men sentenced to prison have a problem with alcohol with a third being hazardous drinkers and a third being severely dependent on alcohol.

Drink and drugs also have an influence on the re-offending rate. Prisoners who drink every day are less likely to be employed and more likely to re-offend within a year of release.  For young offenders, 71% who abuse more than one type of drug will re-offend within a year.

If you think we take more action to tackle drug and alcohol problems that affect men join our #BeatMaleAddiction campaign today.

—Photo courtesy of Flickr/Creative Commons


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