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British men are the second biggest drinkers in Europe—do you want to know who’s drinking more than us…?


Alcohol is the most widely abused drug in Britain and is causing us the most harm, according to the Centre for Social Justice (CSJ).

Nearly one in ten men in the UK has a problem with alcohol dependency making us bigger drinkers than every country in Western Europe except for Norway.

Men are twice as likely to die from alcohol-related causes than women, with one man every two hours losing his life in England alone.

According to the No Quick Fix report from the CSJ, the UK has become “the addicted man of Europe” with the negative impacts of alcohol costing the tax payer £21 billion a year.

As many as 70 per cent of attendances to Accident and Emergency Departments (A&E) in the early hours and 40 per cent of weekend attendances are caused by alcohol.

In terms of health impacts the report reveals that:

  • The cost to the NHS alone is £3.5bn
  • The number of alcohol-related admissions to hospital has more than doubled since 2002
  • Alcohol-related deaths have doubled since 1991
  • Liver disease is now one of the ‘big five killers’ alongside heart and lung disease, stroke and cancer.

“Too often alcoholics are given health services to help them recover from alcohol-sustained injuries but not services to help them beat addiction,” says the report. “NHS treatment for alcohol abuse does not tackle the problem; rather it often enables people to continue in harmful behaviour.”

Heavy drinking is associated with an increased risk of accidents and other risky behaviour and can also lead to relationship problems, problems at work, college or school, and violence.

If you think we take more action to tackle drug and alcohol problems that affect men join our #BeatMaleAddiction campaign today.

—Photo courtesy of  Flickr/Andrew_mc_d


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