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Judges admit UK family courts denied dad’s human rights to be a father……..


Fathers’ rights activists have long said that being in  your child’s life should be a basic human right and now senior judges have admitted as much.

The acknowledgment came in the case of a 13 year old girl from Yorkshire whose parents separated after 10 years together in 2001. The girl was one at the time.

The dad, now 60, has fought through the courts for 12 years against the mum who is “mentally unstable” according to a report in The Times.

The 48-year-old mother claimed she wanted her daughter to have a relationship with her ex but in reality the “unimpeachable father had been consistently prevented from enjoying contact with his daughter by an implacably hostile mother”.

From 2006 the court made 82 separate orders to encourage the mum to let the girl to see her dad, before banning the man from any direct contact with his daughter last year.

The Judge who took this decision said that he had never seen a case that took so long or “left me with such a feeling of failure on the part of the family justice system”.

In reviewing the dad’s case, Lord Justice McFarlane said that collectively over  time, the failure of the courts was “an unjustified violation” of both the father’s and the child’s rights to respect for family life under the European Convention of Human Rights.

The judge described the father as “dignified and measured despite the enormous frustration and anger that he must feel” and acknowledged that the girl had “thoroughly enjoyed” the limited time her mother had allowed her to spend him.

Her childhood had been “irredeemably marred” because she was denied a proper relationship with her father and the could would allow him to re-open his case and fight for contact with his daughter, said the Judge.

If you think dads need more help to be involved in their children’s lives then join our #Equality4Dads campaign today.

—Photo courtesy of Flickr/AFGE


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