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Can you believe this? Men are just as likely to get raped by women……..

rape is a men's issue

The Guardian commentator Ally Fogg has written an eye-opening article about sexual aggression by women towards men.

Writing on his blog, Fogg highlights the findings of 2010 research from the US that revealed that the proportion of men being forced to penetrate women in the previous year was identical to the rates of women being raped.

Fogg admits that he has been dubious and sceptical about the findings for some time and drew a blank when he tried to find other reports to back up the finding. Then as he dug deeper he discovered that the data wasn’t unique and that there was a raft of research going back to the 1980s that made similar claims.

“Society needs to be aware that it is a serious issue, not a joke” concludes Fogg. “Our mental health and social care systems need to be more alive to the extent of the issue, be open to the possibility that emotionally and sexually troubled men might be troubled for this very reason.

“And this might sound bizarre, but perhaps women need to be aware that they can and do assault and abuse men. I strongly suspect many women genuinely believe that any man will be (literally) up for it at any time, and will always be glad of a sexual thrill. This is as much of a rape myth as any other.”

The sexual violation of men and boy is  a form of violence against men and boys, if you are concerned about this issue join our #EndViolenceAgainstMen&Boys campaign today.

—Photo courtesy of Flickr/Henderson Images


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