The Global Campaign for Men and Boys

When our schools fail to educate boys it puts all of us at risk of crime and violence….


The negative impacts of failing to give boys a good education have been highlighted by a leading Scottish campaigner.

According to John Carnochan, a former police senior policeman and founder of the violence reduction unit at St Andrews University, boys who are read to as infants are less likely to commit violent crime as adults.

Figures for 2011 show that almost 60 per cent of inmates attending prison learning centres in Scotland are illiterate. Boys are more likely to leave primary school unable to leave and at greater risk of offending.

In England boys are nearly twice as likely to have literacy problems with 20% failing to reach the expected level in reading at age 11, compared with 12% of girls.

“The thing we need to give our children is our time,” said Mr Carnochan. “If you are reading to your son or your daughter, you are giving them your time.”

If you think we need to do more to help boys get the best possible start in life then join one of our campaigns today—#DoBetter4Boys, #Equality4Boys, #GetMoreMenInSchools

—Photo courtesy of Flickr/Woodleywonderworks
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