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Jewish Chronicle reveals that most Britons want to ban Jews and Muslims from circumcising boys …..

Stop the Chop End Unnecessary Male Circumcision

The majority of Britons now support a ban on male circumcision according to a YouGov poll for the Jewish Chronicle.

Asked whether they support or oppose a ban on “male circumcision for religious reasons”, 52% of those who said “yes” or “no” said they supported a ban.

Medically Unnecessary Male Circumcision is different from—and in some cases worse than—the illegal act of Female Genital Mutilation.

Last year a midwife was charged with manslaughter when a four-week-old boy bled to death after she performed a circumcision in his home.

In a similar case, another baby boy bled to death after Rabbi Mordehai Cohen performed a circumcision at the boy’s home in Queens Park, London.

According to the Jewish Chronicle report, while 27% of the UK population are undecided on the issue, 35% oppose a ban and 38% of those polled support a ban on male circumcision.  Support for a ban is even higher amongst young people aged 18-24 year-olds (41%) and people who support the political party UKIP (51%).

If you think boys of all backgrounds should be protected from unnecessary male circumcision they why not join our campaign to #StopTheChop today.

Photo courtesy of Flickr/sfslim

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