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The 4 reasons men are 70% more likely to die of skin cancer….


Men who get skin cancer are 70% more likely to die than women according to new figures from Cancer Research UK.

This means that if our country was as good at preventing men from dying at skin cancer as we are at preventing women from dying at skin cancer, then we could save the lives of nearly 500 men a year.

The four main reasons why men are a greater risk of dying from skin cancer are:

  • Men are less likely to use sun cream than women, though the fact that more women are more likely to get skin cancer suggests this isn’t the whole story
  • Men tend to get a later diagnosis of the disease which makes is harder to beat
  • Men are more likely to get skin cancer on our backs and chests which makes it much harder to spot, whereas women are more likely to get it on their arms and legs where it is more noticeable
  • New research suggests that men’s immune systems are less effective at fighting skin cancer

As men seem to be at a practical and biological disadvantage then we need to put more effort into helping men beat skin cancer—particularly as incidents of male skin cancer are now five times higher than they were 30 years ago. The good news is that the proportion of men who survive skin cancer has doubled from 38% in the 1970s to 80% today.

If you think we should be putting more time, energy and money into preventing male cancers then join our #beatmalecancer campaign today.

How you can take action and make a difference today…..

You can find out more about how to spot skin cancer at Cancer Research UK and if you are in doubt go and see a doctor.

If you want to protect your skin from UV rays you can buy creams online at sites like Chemist Direct and Mankind Style & Grooming.

Finally, if you are a professional who wants to get help preventing male cancer and improve early diagnosis rates then contact our Helping Men consultancy today.

Photo courtesy of Flickr/Dave Haygarth


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